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If I end up with Dan, a part of me will always love Nate.

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Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // august, 2014

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AUAllison is still here, even if we can’t see her.

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my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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Jane Foster Week ♥ Day 5: Character traits

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Jane Foster Week ♥ Day 4: Relationships - Fosterson

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ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

I want all the blue ones.

^Exactly what she said

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get to know me meme: 5 favourite tv shows
agents of shield [5/5]
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b: never have i ever been  a t t r a c t e d  to anyone in this room.

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Tbh the worst part of this website is queue puns

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